Pizza Size Chart – Does Bigger Pizza Mean Better?

Pizza Size Chart – Does Bigger Pizza Mean Better?

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Pizza Sizes

Looking for a pizza size chart to help you work out how big your pizza should be?

I’ve created one for you below.

When it comes to pizza, size matters. Sure, you could buy two small pizzas, but you’ll end up paying more per square inch and you’ll probably be hungry afterwards.

On the other hand, buying a large pizza might seem like too much food, but you’ll actually save money and you’ll have leftovers for lunch the next day.

So why not go big?

With our handy pizza size chart, you can find out exactly how much bang for your buck you’re getting with each option.

So next time you’re debating whether to order a large or two small pizzas, remember: bigger is always better.

Pizza Size Chart

Pizza Size Chart

Why Pizza Size Is Important?

Pizza size is very important to think about when making or ordering pizza. You want to make sure that everyone has enough, whether your ordering just for yourself, your family or if your having a party.

Let’s face it, no one just has one slice and you don’t want many people going for just that last slice.

Its always better to have a little too much than not enough. (I love cold pizza for breakfast)

Understanding pizza size will help to make sure you have just the right amount. A large will be fine for a 3-4 people, however it might be too much for you on your own.

Knowing how many inches each pizza size is, will help you to work out the amount of pizza needed so no one is left wanting more.

Calculating The Size Of A Pizza

If you want to work out the pizza size, you need to find out the diameter.

This can be done by measuring the distance between one side of the pizza crust and the other side.

This will give you the inches in diameter.

How we measure pizza sizes

As mentioned we work out the size of a pizza by using the diameter. There are typically 5 different sized pizzas.

  • Personal has a 10 inch diameter
  • Small has a 12 inch diameter
  • Medium has a 14 inch diameter
  • Large has a 16 inch diameter
  • Extra Large pizzas have a 18 inch diameter

How many slices in each size of pizza?

How many pizza Slices

Do you know exactly how many slices you get from each pizza?

To be honest I KNOW the slices from my homemade pizzas are not the same size as you get from delivery pizza.

Its nice to know roughly how many slices you do get, depending on the size of the pizza diameter.

This should help you to work out how many pizzas you will need to make or buy, depending on the amount of people.

Personal Pizza

A personal pizza is roughly 10 inches and has 4 slices. This is usually enough for 1 person with a small appetite or a child.

It could do an adult thats fairly hungry, as long as there were sides available.

Small Pizza

A small pizza has 12 inches and has 6 slices. This is usually enough for 2 people with average appetite, but could do 3-4 to some extent.

Medium Pizza

A medium pizza is usually 14 inches and has 8 slices. This is a good size for 3 people with average appetite or 4 people that have smaller appetites.

Large Pizza

A large pizza has 16 inches and could have 10 slices, but its not uncommon to get 8 large slices. This is a good size for up to 5 people with average appetite.

Extra Large Pizza

An extra large pizza has 18 inches and can have 12 slices, but again its not uncommon to get 10 large slices. This is a good size for 5-6 people with average appetite or more if you have sides too.

Pizza Size For The Amount Of People

Pizza Party

You now know the pizza sizes, how many slices they have and how many each serves. How can we work out exactly how many pizzas we need to get?

There is a really good calculation we can do that helps us decide on the amount of pizzas to make or order. This does vary depending on how hungry people are.

On average;

  • 1 adult will eat 3-4 slices
  • 1 child will eat 2-3 slices.

The first thing to do is multiple the amount of people by the amount of slices.

So let’s say there are 4 adults and 2 children. This would work out at between 16 and 22 slices, depending on how hungry people are.

Next you want to get the size of pizzas you want to make or order and divide the number of slices.

So let’s say we want medium pizzas, which we know from above that they have eight slices.

  • 8 divide by 22 is 2.75, so we round this up and get 3 medium pizzas.
  • 8 divide by 16 would be two medium pizzas.

I always recommend going for the higher amount, its better to have too much than not enough.

Don’t forget, you’ll also want some of those yummy sides!

Believe me, making your own pizza in a pizza oven you will want to increase the number of slices. Simply because they taste 100 times better than any pizza delivery.

Tips On Choosing The Right Pizza Size

Hopefully the above calculations help you work out the number of pizzas you need. Below I’ve also put together some tips to help you pick the right pizza sizes.

The Occasion

There’re many reasons why you might want to order or make pizza. Whether its just a nice summers day and you want some alfresco dining or its a birthday party and your inviting people round.

Knowing the occasion is really going to help you decide on how many pizzas you need. For example;

  • Pizza Party

Your going to want to order more pizzas, as its going to be the main thing on the menu

  • Birthday Party

More often than not the pizzas will make just a part of the meal. You’ll have other food so you wont need as much pizza.

  • Sports Night/Game Night

You might have a few snacks but the main thing your going to be eating is pizza, so you’ll probably order more.

  • Moving into a new house

Who wants to cook when you’ve just moved into your house, it’s so much easier grabbing a couple of pizzas. In this situation, you’ll probably order more than if you was going to make some sides.

As you can see, you need to think about what else is going to be available to be eaten. If there are other dishes or snacks, you might not need to order more pizza.

Know Your Guests Appetites

Before you think about making or buying pizza, find out how hungry people are. The problem with pre-ordering is you can end up ordering too much or not enough.

If your putting on a party, in my experience even though you say don’t eat before you come, some people still will.

Use the maths above (adults x3 slices each, children x2 slices each) and order that amount of pizza.

I always find its better to have too much than not enough, you can always let your guest take some home or have it for breakfast. (nothing beats cold pizza in the morning!)

Group Taste – We all like different toppings

Everyone has their favorite pizza, its worth finding these out first as this can impact the size of pizza that you get.

A few people might not eat meat, so therefore you might want to order a medium meat pizza and a medium vegetarian pizza instead of 1 one large pizza.

The same can be said about pineapple. Not everyone likes it on pizza. (I personally love it!) If less people like it, then its not going to be a good idea to order a large Hawaiian Pizza.

The Price

It’s important to think about the price, larger pizzas are generally going to be more expensive. You therefore don’t want any wastage.

However on a per slice basis, it can actually work out cheaper getting a bigger pizza than multiple smaller ones.

You can save money by buying frozen pizza, let’s face it these don’t taste anywhere near as good as fresh.

If you do have a budget that you need to stick to, Id recommend looking at homemade pizza. its incredibly easy and if you follow a decent pizza dough recipe, the pizza can taste better than any takeaway or pizzeria.

Why Its A Good Idea To Make Your Own Pizza

Homemade pizza

I love getting myself a takeaway pizza, but if your going to be having a pizza party or plan to make a couple of pizzas why not try and make your own.

Being a pizza fan, homemade pizza takes it to another level!

There are some really reasons why you should try and make your own

  • They taste 10x better
  • Cheaper to make
  • Can make any size pizza your want
  • Not restricted to what toppings you can have
  • Often healthier than takeaway pizza
  • It can be a fun experience getting guests to make their own

Its not actually that hard, there are some great pizza recipes. Even same day pizza dough recipes can help you get the best tasting pizza in as little as a couple of hours.

You can make pizza as good as any pizzeria in your home oven, id just recommend getting a pizza stone.

If you love pizza you might want to take it to a whole other level and get a pizza oven. Trust me, takeaway pizza just doesn’t taste as good.


What is the most popular pizza size?

The most common pizza size is a medium pizza. This is roughly 14 inches, which has around 8 slices. To be honest a medium pizza is what I’d always buy or try and make. It seems to be just the “right” size.

How big is a 12 inch pizza?

When we’re talking about takeaway pizza then a 12 inch is normally classed as a small. Pizza that I cook in the pizza oven will usually be 12 inches and id consider it a medium pizza. Although Neapolitan is normally more of a thin crust, so its not as filling.

Is a 12-inch pizza enough for 2?

Since it does have 8 slices, it would normally be suitable for 3-4 people if having sides. It does depend on how hungry you are. 2 people could quite happily share a 12 inch pizza. I personally tend to have one to myself though.

How many slices are on a 16 inch pizza?

You would normally get 10 slices on a 16 inch pizza. Which would normally be enough for 3-4 adults, if you was to have 2-3 slices each.

How do you calculate pizza for a party?

You need to work out how many pizza slices everyone can manage. On average adults will have 3 slices and children will have 2.

With this you can basically times that with the amount of guests and that should give you a rough idea of how many slices you need. So you can then workout the pizza sizes needed and the amount.

IE 6 adults and 4 children would be 26 slices in total. So you could get 2 large and 1 medium pizza or 4 medium pizzas.

Final Thoughts On Pizza Size

When it comes to pizza size, there are a few things you need to take into account. The most important factor is how many people you’re feeding. You don’t want too much or too little pizza!

Another thing to consider is the price. Larger pizzas tend to be more expensive, so if you’re on a budget you might want to stick with a smaller size.

Making your own pizza is a great way to get around this, as you can make any size you want and it’s often cheaper than buying takeaway.

If you love pizza, then id recommend giving it a go! You might be surprised at how easy it is to make some really great tasting pizza at home. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Hopefully you did like this article and you found the pizza size chart useful.

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