Is Pizza A Sandwich? Lets Get a Final Answer

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Have you ever asked “Is Pizza A Sandwich?” 

If you think about it, defining what a sandwich is can be a bit of a gray area.

Is it as simple as a filling between two slices of bread, or does it go beyond that? And if it is the former, does pizza, with its bread base and topped ingredients, fall into this definition?

These are questions that keep both chefs and food lovers awake at night.

Pizza, a universally beloved dish, transcends borders and cultures with its varied styles and toppings.

From the classic Neapolitan pizza to a New York slice or a deep-dish from Chicago, the pizza’s universal appeal is undeniable. It is this incredible versatility that fuels the debate around its classification.

Does it fit into the same category as a club sandwich or a Philly cheesesteak? Or does it stand in a category of its own, like a culinary maverick?

Buckle up as we journey through this delicious debate.

We’re going to peel back the layers of cheese, sauce, and dough to answer the question, “Is pizza a sandwich?” 

Get ready to look at your favorite dish in a whole new light. And who knows?

By the end of this exploration, you might see that slice of heavenly pie as part of a sandwich family!

Key Takeaways

  • The debate about sandwich pizza or is pizza a sandwich? depends largely on how one defines a sandwich. Some argue that pizza, much like an open-faced sandwich, has a bread base with toppings.
  • A pizza pie is a term used in the United States to refer to a whole or a slice of pizza, though it doesn’t fit the traditional definition of a pie with enclosed fillings.
  • A pizza sandwich can be made by filling two slices of bread with pizza ingredients or by creating a calzone – a turnover made with pizza dough and classic pizza ingredients.
  • Calzone, a folded pizza, is considered by some as a form of pizza sandwich due to its resemblance to a turnover.
  • Ultimately, the classification of pizza as a sandwich is subjective and depends on personal perspectives, cultural background, and culinary beliefs. Regardless of classification, the universal appeal of pizza is undeniable.

Pizza : A Sandwich Pizza

Serving Pizza

At first glance, the concept of putting pizza in the same category as a ham and cheese or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich seems absurd.

izza has its unique spot in our hearts and on our dining tables. 

But when we break it down, we find that a sandwich is one food item tucked between two slices or two pieces of bread. Does this mean our beloved pizza could qualify as a sandwich?

When you think about it, a slice of pizza is not that different from an open-faced sandwich.

We start with a base of pizza dough, which is essentially bread dough. Next comes the pizza sauce – our condiment. 

Then, we pile on toppings, akin to the filling between two slices in a classic sandwich.

We’re talking pepperoni, melted cheese, lettuce and tomato, or a variety of different ingredients, savory or sweet, just like a sandwich.

Lastly, everything is baked in an oven until the cheese is melted – not unlike a toasted sandwich.

Historically, the Earl of Sandwich is known for the invention of the sandwich as a type of food.

The central features of this food item? A filling (often a piece of meat or cheese) between two pieces or two slices of bread.

Some argue that pizza holds the key to these central features. However, others argue that pizza is a type of food all on its own.

Is Pizza A Pie Or A Sandwich?

This question poses another conundrum. If we consider pizza as a sandwich, does it also make the cut as a pie?

Typically, pies are pastries with a filling that is completely enclosed in dough before being baked.

Pizza, with its toppings on top and exposed to the heat, is far from this definition.

But is pizza a pie in the sense that it’s a “pizza pie”?

This is a term more often heard in the United States than elsewhere. It refers to a whole pizza or a slice of pizza, baked in a circular shape.

But, in essence, it is still pizza, and not a traditional pie with pastry, meat and vegetables, or even sweet ingredients like an apple pie.

Is A Pizza An Open-faced Sandwich?

Woodstocks Pizza San Diego

Now, we enter the realm of the open-faced sandwich. We have our base – a piece of bread or, in this case, pizza dough.

We’ve got our toppings – similar to the type of filling you’d add to a sandwich. Could this make a pizza an open-faced sandwich?

Drew Brown, a food writer and critic, argues that pizza is a type of open-faced sandwich.

Why? He points to the fact that pizza, like an open-faced sandwich, uses bread dough as a base and carries toppings. So by his argument, pizza fits into the open-faced sandwich category.

What Classifies As A Sandwich?

So, what constitutes a sandwich? We know the Earl of Sandwich made the first one with a filling between two slices of bread. But what about burritos, hot dogs, and tacos? Or a calzone, which is essentially a pizza sandwich, but folded?

The taxonomy of sandwiches is complex and diverse.

The classic two-slices or two-pieces-of-bread model is a basic sandwich. But then you’ve got your open-faced creations, using a single slice of bread.

Calzones or Strombolis, and other stuffed breads could be seen as varieties of the true sandwich. A pizza sandwich? Not a classic sandwich, but it may slide into the open-faced category.

How Do You Make A Pizza Sandwich?

Pizza Oven Temperature 1

Excitingly, the concept of a pizza sandwich allows us to experiment with different styles and flavours. It’s quite simple:

  1. Choose your bread. It could be a classic white or wholemeal loaf, or even rye bread.
  2. Add your fillings. Go for traditional pizza toppings like pepperoni, bell peppers, olives, and don’t forget the cheese!
  3. Grill or toast the sandwich until the cheese is melted and the ingredients are well combined.

The best sandwiches are far more than just two slices of bread and a filling; they’re an experience, and a pizza sandwich certainly fits that bill.

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What Is A Pizza Sandwich Called?

You may know them as calzones, an Italian dish that’s essentially a folded pizza. This tasty food item uses the same ingredients as a classic pizza but it’s folded before baking, making it a close relative of the sandwich family.

What Is Folded Pizza Called?

A folded pizza is called a calzone. It resembles a turnover made with pizza dough and filled with cheese, meat, or vegetables.

Just like a pizza, it is baked in an oven. 

Some consider calzones to be pizza sandwiches, as they are made with two separate pieces of dough, like two slices of bread in a sandwich.

Final Thoughts


Is pizza a sandwich? It’s a question that brings about heated debates and sparks culinary curiosity worldwide.

The final answer to this intriguing question depends largely on how broad or narrow your definition of a sandwich is.

In a broader sense, some argue that pizza is an open-faced sandwich, given the similarities between their basic components: a bread base, a topping, or fillings.

This stance states that pizza is essentially a slice of bread (albeit a very special type), topped with a variety of ingredients.

Others firmly believe that pizza is not a sandwich, primarily because it lacks the two separate slices of bread that constitute the classic sandwich structure.

These purists might say that pizza is a unique food item that sits in its own category, much like a pie or a tart.

Then there are the pizza hybrids like the calzone or stromboli, which blend the characteristics of a sandwich and a pizza.

These stuffed or folded pizzas are enclosed, much like the original sandwich created by the Earl of Sandwich, adding another layer to our debate. Are these dishes the ultimate pizza sandwiches?

The taxonomy of sandwiches has indeed evolved over time, incorporating a vast range of ingredients and preparations. This evolution adds an element of flexibility to the sandwich definition and further fuels the debate over whether pizza fits within this ever-evolving framework.

The question of whether pizza is a sandwich doesn’t have a clear-cut answer.

It largely depends on one’s personal perspective, cultural background, and culinary convictions. But whether we classify it as a sandwich or not, one universal truth remains – pizza, in all its forms and variations, is a delicious, versatile, and universally loved dish that continues to inspire and satisfy food lovers around the globe.

It doesn’t matter if it’s considered a sandwich, a pie, or a category of its own, as long as it continues to bring us the joy of a tasty, nutritionally complete, and utterly delightful meal. And in the end, isn’t that what truly matters?


Is pizza a sandwich or a pie?

Pizza is often referred to as a pizza pie, but it’s far from a traditional pie. As for the sandwich debate, some argue that pizza qualifies as an open-faced sandwich, but this is a point of deliberation among food enthusiasts.

What is an open-faced sandwich?

An open-faced sandwich involves a single slice of bread topped with various ingredients. Some people argue that pizza is a form of open-faced sandwich due to its similar structure.

What type of sandwich is a pizza sandwich?

A pizza sandwich can take the form of a calzone, which is a pizza folded over and sealed before baking, similar to a turnover. It can also be a sandwich made with regular bread and pizza ingredients.

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