Ooni Fyra Pizza Oven Review

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If you are reading this, you probably want to know if it’s worth the money or not. I don’t blame you, I read so many reviews before I got one as well.

I do actually use the Fyra Pizza Oven. In fact I have been using it for a few months. I wanted to use it first before sharing my review.

My promise to you is that I am going to share my honest thoughts on the Ooni Fyra.

Ease of Use9.7
Heat Control8.9

In this article I will share;

  • My first impressions of the Ooni Fyra Pizza Oven
  • How easy it is to set up and use
  • What I like as well as what I don’t like

And finally common questions that I had and found the answers to. Just in case you have the same questions that I did.

So, let’s get on with the review…

First Impressions of The Ooni Fyra Pizza Oven

Now before deciding to go for the Ooni Fyra. I did a lot of research on different types of pizza ovens.

I was going to get one of the brick ones but those were outside of my budget. (OMG have you seen the price of them?!)

I came across Ooni and they had a couple of great pizza ovens. At first I didn’t know which to go for.

There is something about cooking food on wood. Maybe I’m channeling my inner caveman. I also fancied taking the Ooni Fyra onto the beach. Cooking some nice pizzas whilst watching the waves. (who wouldn’t want that, right?)

As soon as it had arrived I had to open it. In the few days leading up to the delivery, I was on YouTube watching a number of videos on setting it up. I didn’t need to, it’s so easy…

You only really need one person to carry the box and unpack the oven. I was surprised how small and lightweight the box was.

The pizza stone was on the top but was very well protected in bubble wrap. Under that was the oven itself.

Now the Ooni Fyra only weighs 10kg. Making it portable which is one of the reasons why I wanted it.

Is The Fyra Pizza Oven Easy To Assemble?

Image showing Ooni Fyra Parts

You would think that assembling a pizza oven like the Ooni Fyra would be hard. Nope! It’s VERY easy.

It took less than 5 minutes to set up. I am useless at DIY, if I can put it together then believe me you can.

Under the Fyra Pizza Oven are 3 legs, you simply unfold these to get it to stand up. It’s nice to know that it is very sturdy.

It comes with instructions that are very easy to follow. Although it’s so easy you don’t really need them.

I like the fact that no tools are needed. Simply put the grate into the back of the oven and slide the pizza stone in.

The chimney is then placed in the front hole. You then twist to lock this in place. There is then a small cylinder which is the hopper. Place this in the whole at the back of the oven.

Finally just pop on the door and chimney cap. (Which also happens to double up as a wood chip scoop!)

Ooni Fyra Unboxing Video

I have created an unboxing video. This will show you exactly what I received. And how to assemble the Ooni Fyra.

How Easy Is It To Light The Ooni Fyra?

One of the things that worried me was lighting it. (SPOILER — There is no need to worry!)

I have never used a wood fired pizza oven before. So I didn’t know how complicated it would be.

Like I said, there was no need to worry.

It just takes 3 simple steps;

1. Add 2 scoops of wood pellets to grate
2. Place firelighter in the middle of pellets and light
3. Put grate into the back of the oven

And done, simple right?

Just wait till the wood chips start to catch fire. (Which takes 3-5 minutes.)

Once they have, half fill the hopper with pellets.

Now you only need to wait around 15 minutes for the Ooni fyra to get to the temperature (just make sure you keep topping up the hopper)

The video below will show you how to light the Ooni fyra pizza oven.

Is It Easy To Cook Pizza On The Ooni Fyra?

I’ll be straight with you, it is easy to cook on the Fyra Pizza Oven. Like anything you do just need to practice. My first pizza was a bit of a disaster. They have got better (at least I hope they have!)

Once the pizza oven has hit 400-450 degrees, it’s hot enough to cook the pizza. (use a thermometer to check the temp)

Now you want to start assembling your pizza. You want to wait till the oven has reached temperature first. If you prepare your pizza too early, it can end up sticking to your peel or worktop.

Roll your dough out, add your sauce and then your toppings. Don’t overload your pizza.

If the toppings are too heavy it will be harder to launch the pizza into the oven.

Pepperoni Pizza Made on the Ooni Fyra Wood fired Pizza Oven

Lightly flour your peel and then in one movement place your pizza onto the peel. You can also create your pizza directly on the peel.

You want to slide the pizza off your peel and onto the centre of the pizza stone.

My wife always thinks I’m talking to myself when making pizza. (i’m praying to those pizza gods) Nah not really! What i’m doing is actually counting. When I first launch the pizza I count to 30.

Then I rotate and count to 15. I’ll continue counting and each time spin it around. Once it’s all cooked, I’ll take it out. (The counting just helps me to keep my attention on the pizza)

It’s important to try and keep the door on as much as possible. Everytime you take the door off, the temperature will drop slightly. Make sure of that little peep hole to see into the oven.

When you have cooked your pizza, the Ooni Fyra is going to need to get back to temperature. This takes 5-10 minutes. (Perfect amount of time to eat the amazing pizza you just cooked)

When I first started using it, there was a couple of things I struggled with;

1. Taking My Eye of The Pizza When Cooking

Once the oven is at the right temperature. The pizza is going to cook in 60-90 seconds.

I went inside to get a couple of things. I was only gone a minute but the pizza was ruined.

2. Turning The Pizza

At first I struggled to turn the pizza, this does just take a bit of practice. By the 3rd pizza, I was a lot more comfortable. A good tip is to slide your peel under and use some tongues to turn it round.

If you can master the BBQ, the Ooni Fyre will be easy!

How Easy Is It To Clean The Fyra?

The great thing about the Ooni Fyra is how easy it is to clean. To be honest you don’t really need to do anything!

To fully clean, just heat the Fyra up to full temperature. Leave this running for 30 minutes. This will burn off any excess food. Easy right?

Once cooled down you could get a paper towel and wipe down the stone. Do NOT use water on the pizza stone.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 10kg
  • Dimensions: 250mm / 9.8”. 480mm / 18.9”. 680mm / 26.7”
  • Fuel Type: Wood Pellets
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor
  • Oven Temperature: 500/950 C/F 
  • Pizza Size: 12 Inches
  • Cooking Time: 60-90 Seconds

What I Like & What I Don’t Like About The Ooni Fyra

What I Like
  • Lightweight
  • Fuel efficient
  • Good quality pizza stone
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Easy to light
  • Simple to set up
  • Viewing window
What I Don't Like
  • Only uses wood as fuel 

Who is The Fyra Pizza Oven For?

Put simply, the Ooni Fyra Pizza Oven is for you. And why wouldn’t it be!

With an oven like this, you will get tasty wood fired pizza. The great thing is it only takes 15 minutes for the oven to get hot. Perfect if you’re in a hurry or entertaining friends!

Each pizza will only take 60-90 seconds. It then only takes 5-10 minutes for the oven to get back to temperature.

As it’s lightweight and portable, the Ooni Fyra is perfect to take on holiday or camping. I’m looking forward to taking it onto the beach.

Lets face it, if you love to eat Pizza. The Ooni Fyra will take your pizza to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Sized Pizza Can I Cook On The Ooni Fyra?

The Ooni Fyra you can create a pizza that is 12 inches or 30cm.

2. How Long Does The Ooni Fyra Take To Cool Down?

You have now made your amazing pizza and are wondering how long it takes to cool down. It surprised me how quick it did cool down!

It will take around 2 hours for the Ooni Fyra to cool down. If it’s a bit colder outside then it might cool down quicker.

My Final Thoughts On The Ooni Fyra Wood Fired Pizza Oven

I love this portable pizza oven and would recommend it to anyone. I cannot rate it high enough!

It’s incredibly easy to set up, light and use. Even if you have never cooked a pizza before, you will pick it up so quickly.

I really like how portable it is and just how lightweight. This allows me to move it around my garden easily. As well as take it on holiday with me!

Even if you have a small garden or just a patio/balcony, you will have plenty of room to cook your own pizza.

Homemade pizza that tastes amazing and is cooked in under 90 seconds. What more could you want!

Ease of Use9.7
Heat Control8.9

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