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A pizza oven table is something that I started looking into not long after getting my Ooni Fyra. I knew pretty much straight away that I’d need a sturdy surface to cook on. I started trying to make pizza on a camping table…big mistake. 

Everytime I’d launch a pizza or turn it around in the pizza oven, the table would shake. Stretching and making the pizza on the table was also a complete nightmare. 

Best Pizza Oven Table
Ooni Modular Table
  • Dimensions - 31 x 31 x 35″
  • Weight - 57lbs
  • Maximum Capacity - 132lb
Best Foldable Pizza Stand
Ooni Foldable Pizza Table
  • Dimensions - 22.64” x 27.56” x 35.43”
  • Weight - 22.93lbs
  • Maximum Capacity - 110lbs
Runner Up
Royal Gourmet Dining Cart Table
  • Dimensions - 23.2 x 39.4 x 31.9 inches
  • Weight - 27.1 lbs
  • Maximum Capacity - 100 lbs

An outdoor pizza oven table or stand as they’re sometimes call is useful for many reasons, such as; 

  • A safe and sturdy place for your pizza oven
  • Easier to move heavier pizza ovens around to the right cooking spot
  • Some offer additional work space, so you can also prepare the pizza
  • Additional storage space for peels or even toppings
  • Frees up space in the garden for you to sit, chat and eat 

The tough bit is picking the best pizza oven table, there are so many choices. 

It’s important to do your research, as the pizza oven stands come in different sizes, some have wheels, some don’t and they’re even made out of different materials. 

You will pick the best one for you, as I’m here to help you. 

The aim of this article is to not only share my top recommendations, based on my own testing and research. I’ll also go through what you should look for in a Pizza oven table/stand, so you can see which one is right for you and your needs. 

So, let’s get to it…

5 Best Outdoor Pizza Oven Table

Detailed Reviews of The Best Pizza Oven Tables

Ooni Modular Table – Overall Best Pizza Oven Stand

Overall Best Pizza Oven Stand

If there is one brand you're probably aware of, it's Ooni. I use and have reviewed the Ooni Pizza Ovens and they are the very best. Not only that but, I’ve used many of their other products. It therefore only makes sense that the Ooni Modular Pizza Table would be a great choice. 

There are two sizes of this table, Medium and Large. The large is more of a square, whereas the medium is a rectangle. Both have been designed to fit the Ooni Pizza Ovens, as well as other types. 

Both are made from high quality stainless steel, making it strong enough to hold a pizza oven but also ideal for being left outside. 

There is a storage shelf, ideal for equipment such as heat proof gloves and even cast iron pans. 

It then has a lower shelf that is big enough to store a gas tank, if you're using a gas pizza oven. 

Finally there are three hooks that are ideal for you to store your pizza peel, paddle to launch the pizza and even a turning peel. 

It has 4 wheels, so it is incredibly easy to move around. These wheels do have a lock, so you can make it stay securely in place. 

Easy to assemble, high quality and durable stainless steel, plenty of storage, what more could you want?

Ooni Foldable Table – Best Foldable Pizza Stand

Best Foldable Pizza Stand

Sometimes you just don't have enough space to keep an outdoor pizza oven table up all of the time. This is where foldable tables are perfect!

You can simply get them out when needed and easily fold them down and put them away. The problem is, not all of them are good quality. That was until Ooni brought out the Ooni Foldable Table. 

Made from high quality stainless steel, this table is built to last. It easily folds out and even has a shelf at the bottom for you to store fuel such as coal or wood. 

The legs come out into a triangle shape, this makes sure they can take the weight of the pizza oven. Like their other table, it even features 3 hooks for you to store your different peels. Since this table is foldable, it's a lot lighter at only 23 lbs. 

Royal Gourmet Double-Shelf Movable Dining Cart Table

The Royal Gourmet Pizza stand is perfect if you're looking for something that is a little less expensive. It has a stainless steel top, so it should last for many years outside. (as long as you look after it of course)

What I do like about this table is the fact that it has some decent workspace. So it can hold the size and weight of a pizza oven, but you also get a little extra space for preparing the pizza. 

There is also a double shelf, with the bottom one strong enough to hold a gas tank. Like other pizza stands, it does also have hooks for equipment storage. 

One thing I will say is that it's not the easiest to put together. Not only that but the instructions were pretty tough to follow. 

Keter Unity XL Portable Outdoor Table

If you’ve got the space then you might want to go for something bigger. This makes the Keter unity XL Outdoor Table a great choice. 

There is enough space to fit a pizza oven and even some room to prepare the pizza or other foods. The top of the table is made from stainless steel, so it's easy to clean. Whilst the rest of the table is made from a polypropylene, which is weather resistant so it shouldn't rust. 

One of the great things about this table is the amount of storage options. Not only does it have storage under the table, it also has 4 hooks to hang equipment. As well as that it even has two sidebars to hold paper towels, a spice rack and a bottle opener. Pretty much everything you’d need for outdoor cooking space! 

NUUK Stainless Steel Table

If you need something that is very durable and can handle a few bashes, this NUUK stainless steel table is ideal. It's been designed with durability in mind as all of it is made from high quality, food-grade stainless steel. 

This even includes the shelf, so even when you're moving it around things shouldn't slip. 

The table features 4 wheels and a handle, so you can easily move it around. The wheels can also be locked, keeping it secure in place whilst in use. 

Like other outdoor pizza oven tables, it also features hooks for you to be able to hook on your pizza peels, launching paddle and turning peel. 

What are Pizza Oven Tables/Stands?

It might seem obvious but a Pizza Oven Table or sometimes known as a stand, is what you’ll place your pizza oven on. They do often go by another name, Barbeque trolleys. 

They are often different variations but typically have the same functionality. Some of them have wheels attached, so you can easily move them around. Many have additional shelving for storage and some are even large enough to prepare the pizza on as well as cook it. 

Ultimately they’re used to provide a safe, and stable surface for you to place your pizza oven and cook your pizza whilst outdoors. 

Why Use A Pizza Oven Table

You might be wondering to yourself, why would you even need to use a Pizza Oven Table? There are a couple of reasons why you should…

First of all, pizza ovens are designed to get very hot. So hot that they’ll cook a pizza in 60-90 seconds. This is just too much heat for your normal garden tables to usually manage. These are often made from glass or plastic and that will just melt or shatter. 

Pizza Oven tables or stands are made from steel or stainless steel. This means that they can cope with the weight of the pizza oven as well as the high temperatures. 

The second reason is the way Pizza oven tables are built. They’re usually built on a square frame, so they are more stable and able to take the weight of the pizza oven. Believe me, theres nothing worse than cooking a nice pizza and your table suddenly breaks under the weight. 

As already mentioned the pizza oven stand is more often than not made from steel. This is much easier to clean. Many of which do also have wheels attached or can be folded, making storing them away even easier. 

Buying An Outdoor Pizza Oven Table? Things To Consider

You’ve just spent several hundred on a pizza oven, you could just use any table right? You could but does that mean you should? 

There are a few things you want to think about, before buying a table for your pizza oven. 

This buyer’s guide is going to help you with things that you should think about when buying a new pizza oven table. Making sure you find the right one for you and your needs. 

What Size Pizza Oven Stand Do You Need?

The first thing you want to consider is the size of the pizza oven table. For safety, the pizza oven should sit on top of the table securely. No legs should be overhanging the table. 

It might be worth looking for one that is a bit bigger than your pizza oven. That way you have plenty of room to move around and have space for any additional equipment. I’ve used smaller tables and it’s a nightmare trying to keep the pizza peels near the oven. 

As well as the size, you also want to think about the weight. You need to make sure that you get a pizza oven stand that can hold the weight of the oven. 

What Material is The Table Made From?

Many people believe that all tables are made from the same material, but this is far from true. They’re all usually made from some form of metal, as this will give you stability but they are not all the same. 

Many cheaper pizza oven bases are made from lightweight steel. As this is kept outdoors for an extended period of time, it can start to rust. 

I would recommend going for one that is suitable outdoors in any kind of weather, for example Aluminum or stainless steel. 

It’s worth noting that you can get them in wood and plastic. I’d personally stay away from these as they’re not as durable and could burn or melt if for any reason the heat from the oven was to get near it. 

Portability Of The Outdoor Pizza Table

One of the main reasons for getting a pizza oven like the Ooni Koda is because its portable. If you were to get a table that was not very portable, then it makes that feature pointless. 

I’d therefore look at an outdoor pizza oven table that can be easily moved around to the ideal spot for your pizza party. Many do have wheels on them and are known as trolley’s. These are fairly easy to move around the garden. 

There are then some that are foldable, this makes it easier for storing them during months that you might not have the pizza oven out. 

More often than not, even those without wheels are fairly lightweight and can be moved easily. 

Just remember not to move the pizza oven table, whilst your oven is on it. 

Do You Need Additional Storage?

You can never have too much storage right? 

Afterall, you’re going to want somewhere to store your pizza peels and other equipment. 

Have a think about what you’ll need to store with your pizza oven before you get a table. I’d always recommend getting one with some hooks, these are perfect for storing peels. 

You can even get some with shelves, which is ideal for keeping other equipment or even toppings safe and all in the same place.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the best outdoor pizza oven tables. Having one of these is certainly going to make it easier for you to be able to make some of the best pizza for your friends and family.

Its surprising how much pizza ovens weigh, and some people don’t think about that when they look for a stable surface to place their oven.

Plus one of the biggest advantages to a pizza oven stand, is having the space to either prepare some toppings or store some of your equipment.

Not only that but because these are outdoor pizza oven tables, they can easily be wheeled away and moved to the ideal place or stored away for your next pizza party. Explore more at My Slice of Pizza.

Best Pizza Oven Table
Ooni Modular Table
  • Dimensions - 31 x 31 x 35″
  • Weight - 57lbs
  • Maximum Capacity - 132lb
Best Foldable Pizza Stand
Ooni Foldable Pizza Table
  • Dimensions - 22.64” x 27.56” x 35.43”
  • Weight - 22.93lbs
  • Maximum Capacity - 110lbs
Runner Up
Royal Gourmet Dining Cart Table
  • Dimensions - 23.2 x 39.4 x 31.9 inches
  • Weight - 27.1 lbs
  • Maximum Capacity - 100 lbs

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