Welcome to MySliceofPizza.com - This blog has been created to showcase my love for all things Pizza.

I have created this blog to bring all pizza lovers together whether your are looking to learn how to make your first pizza or trying to find the best and most tasty recipes. I really hope you are able to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Our Mission

The Mission of My Slice Of Pizza is very simple, to share my passion and love for pizza. Whether you are as passionate and love to make your own pizzas or just looking for a new recipe to try out.

I aim to be able to provide high quality articles to help improve your skills at making pizza, as well as learning new things myself.

If you are new to making pizza I have created an entire section on how to make the best dough, different recipes and some other useful information such as whether you can freeze your pizza. 

There is so much to learn and there are so many products that can help you make the very best pizza, from pizza ovens to pizza stones. There are also buying guides on peels and cutters. 

You will also find recipes, so if you are struggling to find what pizza to make next you will hopefully find inspiration. 

The Team

My Slice of Pizza is ran by only one person, me. I do however work with other pizza lovers, to find some of the best tasting recipes. 

Matthew - Founder & Chief Editor

Hi, my name is Matthew. I wanted to create this website to showcase my love and passion of all things pizza. I also wanted to share my experience and knowledge with others that are wanting to learn more.

Pizza is one of those foods that can be enjoyed as a typical mid week meal, a get together at summer or with a beer and watching some sports. I also love the fact that they are so varied, in that you can make pizzas with almost any type of topping. 

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I love to hear from fellow pizza lovers, id love to see any pics of your most recent pizza's. Please do drop me an email or connect with me on my social sites. 

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