Best Cheese For Pizza

Best Cheese For Pizza

Many people think about what toppings they want on their pizza but very little thought is put into the cheese, even though it can really change the taste of the pizza. This article is going to go over the Best Cheese for Pizza.

Best Cheese For Pizza

There are very few pizzas that don’t have cheese on them, there is just something amazing about the melted cheese that really makes it taste yummy!

Whenever you look at a tasty pizza recipe video, the thing that makes you really want it is when you slice it and pull it away and you can see the cheese. 

By adding cheese to your pizza and combining it with other toppings, you can get a real variation in flavour.

Even if you just want cheese and nothing else on your pizza, the type you use can make such a difference. Mild is going to taste different to Mature and even a soft cheese is going to change the whole texture when compared with hard cheese. 

As well as using cheese on the base of the pizza, there are also a number of cheeses that can be used as a garnish, such as;

  • Mozzarella
  • Gorgonzola
  • Parmigiano-Reggiano

You will be able to find more details on each of these below.


Many claim that Mozzarella is the best cheese for pizza, mainly because it’s probably one of the most well-known. I don’t think I have come across a pizza lover that has not heard or even tried Mozzarella on their pizza. 

When cooked Mozzarella has a nice browned top that’s creamy yet mild in flavour. Interestingly you do get a different texture and flavour with the low moisture version compared to the fresh version, although both taste great and will make you want more. 

If you want a creamier Mozzarella then you would want to go fresh, although it normally needs to be used within a few days. Low-Moisture Mozzarella melts easier and has a much stronger flavour, it does also last longer. Both are great and I would say either one of them would make the list of best cheese pizza. 

Mozzarella goes great on its own with basil and a nice tomato sauce, although at the same time it complements other cheese really well. 


Cheddar is often my go-to when it comes to grated cheese for pizza, I love a mature cheddar as it really adds an extra depth to the flavours. Many cheddars can go really well with mild toppings as well as spicy, since it’s a well-balanced cheese. 

One thing to note is when you use Cheddar, don’t buy the pre-grated cheese. This tastes completely different from a block of cheddar that you have grated yourself, it will taste so much better. 


Gorgonzola is a cheese that really caters for all of your senses, as it’s creamy yet also aromatic. Even if you are not a fan of blue cheeses, this one is fairly mild. This cheese is one of the best for pizza, as it is soft and melts very well over the pizza. I really like the way that the flavour intensifies with each mouthful. 

There are some incredible pizza topping combinations that go well with Gorgonzola, such as walnut with pear or prosciutto combined with caramelized onions.


If you want to add a little extra depth of flavor to your pizza, then grating some Parmigiano-Reggiano is going to do just that. It has a strong flavour and aroma, thanks to it being matured for up to 36 months. This cheese goes very well with pizza thanks to its yones of roasted hazelnuts and brown butter, meaning it will compliment most pizza recipes. I particularly like grated parmigiano-reggiano with prosciutto and rocket leaves. 

Goats Cheese

Goats Cheese is personally one of my favourites, which is why it makes the list of best cheese for pizza. It has a nice creamy texture with tart flavours but really helps to make the pizza taste fresh and gives it that bit of excitement. 

I really like how it lingers on your palate and would suit perfectly with caramelized onions, parma ham or even some red bell peppers. 


This dutch cheese is an interesting choice for a pizza and one that you might not consider, you should though! It is rich, smooth and has a really unique flavor. I prefer the smoked version but the non-smoked Gouda is just as good. I love this cheese on my pizza if I’m doing a BBQ chicken or even a smoky pulled pork. 

There you have it 6 of the best cheese for pizza, each one offers its own unique depth of flavor and can really work well when combined with paired toppings. 

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